Heres some of the singles that have either recently been released or are soon to be released. First up is a band from Birmingham called The Lights with their single 'The Score' (Out the 28th July). It's a nice single full of promise. NME referenced Elvis Costello when talking about this band and they're strangely on the money with this one. Not perfect but also not bad. The potential here is great, they just need to push it that extra 10% to make a good song great. I guess the devils in the details. 3/5 *Visit them here at Next up is the latest offering from singer-songwriter Karim Fanous.  I never really understood the point in releasing Double A-Sides, it's an unnecessary risk and one which doesn't pay off for Fanous. 'On Top Of The World' is a bland and forgetful tune which detracts from the overall appeal of 'Architects Son'. Not a great tune itself but it has enough in it to warrant a 2.5/5. Much like The Lights single, Fanous could benefit from a bit more on the production side. Specifially the soundscapes behind the acoustic guitar. (Out July 28th) 2.5/5 * Visit him at 'The Push' is the latest single from alternative songstress Izzie Voodoo. Described as a female Marc Bolan, i would say this is a bit of a stretch. There doesnt seem to be an awful lot going on here. Within thirty seconds i was pretty bored and the rest of the song didn't get much better. Full of fuzzy bass lines and industrial drum beats, this song just lacks any sort of personality. (Out July 28th) 1.5/5 * Visit Izzie Voodoo at Next up is an interesting band from London called Autocolt with their latest demo, which is untitled.  I received this demo when i went to see them play a few months back and i was impressed by the amount of potential they had. Sitting somewhere between Soulwax and Radiohead this band deserve to be checked out. 'Resonator' sounds like a jam session between Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood, while 'The Seprentine' will have you doing the robot like some Shoreditch Kangaroo. Good stuff. 4/5 * Visit them here at Up next is Geese with their single 'The Planes Gone Dad'. Presented as a limited edition (500 pressings) white vinyl, Geese have a really nice feel about them. Psychedelic but also very twee, 'The Planes Gone Dad' has a fuzzy warmth about it that perfectly compliments the beauty of the vinyl itself. Perfect for those days spent lying in the grass in the sunshine. 3.5/5 * Visit Geese at Last but not least is the fantastic 'No TV' from Brighton indie kids Pope Joan. Pope Joan are part of a new string of indie bands that refuse to be just another generic haircut band. Instead they create something more rhythmical and interesting without sounding boring. 'No TV' being the perfect example of this. I still feel they have a lot more in them than this but it's a pretty good place to start. 4/5 *Visit them at