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Sinkane has made a bit of a name for himself of late, seamlessly blending elements of funk and jazz with the Sudanese pop of his roots. This intercontinental fusion of genres and styles is seemingly child's play to Ahmed Gallab, so it was hardly a surprise when he decided to add some dub into what was an already colourful cocktail of sound. Assisting Sinkane in this is Peaking Lights, who despite normally favouring a certain type of quirky electro-pop, have made their love of dub clear through their own remix album of 2012's Lucifer.

What results is an EP that comes at you in thick, woozy waves of hypnotic colour. Each track sluggishly plods along in a stoned ramble, emphasising the psychedelic elements of the genre's Caribbean origins. It's easy to imagine hearing such tunes drifting across a sunny field on the final day of a festival, complementing the slower pace that the last two days of revelry has brought upon its punters.

'Yacha' is the EP's most skank-worthy moment thanks to a slightly increased BPM, while 'Galley Boys', the following track, is almost the opposite. Its offset percussion is so slow, it nearly trips over its own feet, yet proves to be the most sonically rich track of the EP thanks to all manner of synth swirls and UFO-esque bleeps.

The standout moment, however, is 'How We Be'; also a highlight of Sinkane's Mean Love LP. Peaking Lights don't mess with the formula, instead simply drawing out the guitar twangs and taking the track to new bassy depths. While by no means anything revolutionary, this collaborative effort feels like both artists are doing it purely for the sake of experimental enjoyment - an experiment which has almost certainly worked.

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