Six Organs Of Admittance have been about a while; since 1998 in fact. But for the best part of that time sole proprietor Ben Chasny has delved into the enchanting world of exquisite phsyc-folk creating shimmering silvery filigrees of guitar. If you're wired a certain type of way you can come away changed, feeling peaceful, enlightened and refreshed. But on the whole however much Chasny tries he has never found much success within his work. Youtube 'likes' hit the low thirties and views roll around mellow thousands, which on the whole strikes an odd chord.

But whatever feelings you might relish from songs like 'Light Of The Light' things are set to change. Chasny has adopted the assistance of some of his bandmates from Comets on Fire to create his latest, an arguably most bold record to date. Gone are the simple acoustic pleasures we have previously experienced and SOoA seem to hold more depth, more focus but ultimately hold more instruments to their name. Although Ascent may feel like a successful mix it's still clear SOoA still lack what they are so vitally looking for, and it's hard to really know what Chasny is ultimately getting at.


Like most of Chasnys work to date lyrics don't hold much time for this gentleman and Ascent is no different. Although most tracks feature some form of verse there is little structure, with 'Your Ghost' being the only song to hold any form of chorus. This is by no means a flaw, but adds a form of create individuality that it makes SOoA always an arousing listen. Ascent bubbles and boils away like some occult concoction as Chasnys sultry croon casts the spell leaving you always slightly bewildered, hunting and searching for what he has strategically placed. But sadly Ascent feels like it's on too much of a low burner and even when it goes all out nothing really reaches anything spectacular.


It's clear SOoA don't wish to have any style, pattern or symmetry; although Ascent follows the most basic linage there is some form of flow if you give it the time. But everything is offset with large instrumentals that soon sap away any energy that has been brought up. The five-minute guitar hammering of 'Waswasa' forms the intro to Ascent but is oddly placed and instantly throws doubt into how the album can possibly play out from here. 'Close to the Sky' does start off on a positive trend but again clocks in at a lengthy seven minutes leaving you exhausted and fighting for it to end.  Its obvious boredom can soon take hold within Ascent but 'Your Ghost' and finale 'Visions (From lo)' provide some mild delight within the album.


Overall Ascent feels more like a self-indulgent showcase of guitar abilities than an eight track album, however hard Chasny tries. It's easy to see where Six Organs of Admittance have tried to go, but in trying to be so clever they have fallen short of the mark; making Ascent feel impenetrable, leaving you endlessly skip in search of something to behold but never quite finding it.