With the extensive volume of today's social media so readily at our fingertips, I find myself more frequently realising just how easy it can be for us to piece together fragmented facts to form a conception of a person, especially one in the public eye and admittedly, before tonight's show I was guilty of this. I knew little about Sky Ferreira as a musician. Blogs and fashion publications had endlessly educated me on Ferreira as a model and style icon over the last few years, but musically, I felt very much a tourist at tonight's show.

The recently opened OSLO venue just outside Hackney Central station is somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a while. The spirit and creativity thriving in wall to wall proximity is of course all too similar to the next East London venue, but the interior of this place held an organic warmth and made it worthy of the great reviews received.

Ahead of next Monday's long awaited UK release of debut Night Time, My Time, tonight's sold out show was one which was long sought- after by Ferreira's smitten London fans, all who stood sloshing Red Stripe around in American house party red plastic cups before the set started.

Appearing on stage alongside her four-piece band, a thick sea of smoke disintegrated to reveal deep rouged lips and dark sunglasses which shrouded Ferreira's face. Sky is hugely intriguing in both music and presence and there was an untouched depth and fragility here that without the glasses on, we'd probably of seen strikingly in her eyes. The detachment created from the accessory by all means may have added to the image I knew her for, but at times it felt difficult to really connect.

The set possessed an unyielding drive both sonically and vocally. Ferreira's LA husk is beautifully resolute and there is something special in maintaining this Venice Beach sunshine rasp as if she were always inhaling it. The showcase of record tracks proved that Ferreira is aware and embracing of her own mind, and for a musician to both move forward and re-experience the despair and sadness inherent in the human condition for the sake of their music is admirable. A process in which I think is experienced very deeply by Ferreira both in soul and being. Deriving and performing a debut from consciousness at just twenty one is impressive.

Tonight, it feels as if she hasn't quite let go of the angst or vulnerability that inspired her creativity in the first place. She may finally be playing her music to sold out crowds, but the roots of this are carried with her and visible in a live set up and this in many ways was a beautifully endearing thing.

I'm a captive to sultry and true voices like Ferreria's, and we did see glimmers of this within the tracks performed tonight. The sound and vitality remained resilient and powerful throughout, but more often than not, the sonic workings of lazer sharp synths overpowered the potential for a truly hypnotic vocal.

The Dev Hynes-produced and adored 'Everything Is Embarrassing' was a sure fire encore to wrap the show up. So much so that it felt like the one we were all impatiently waiting on. The bloggers sweetheart of last year's illustrious summer tracks sounded familiar in tone but was a little disappointing in capacity to leave us on.

Perhaps it was a concoction of the tiredness and jet lag mentioned early on in the set which had crept in to Ferreira's being tonight, inevitably though, this artist will flourish and adapt and as a band, the harmony and practice is sure to strengthen, allowing the fluidity and dynamic in future live shows to benefit and evolve in to something very special.