Venue: Proud Galleries, Camden Town Support Bands: Mimas, Sparky Deathcap Date: 10/12/09 Last Thursday the club night, Smash & Grab, at a recently refurbished Camden branch of Proud Galleries, had the pleasure of a sterling lineup, consisting of the Mancunian singer and cartoonist,Sparky Deathcap, and two of the greatest bands to come out of Denmark, Mimas and Slaraffenland. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Deathcap started the night with a humorous and touching performance. Although his deadpan banter seemed to be a failing parody in itself, (commenting on a snowman with a broomstick, how someone might have confused it with Halloween, only to receive a silent response) it didn't let down his sweet and dark love songs. These were accompanied by a whimsical slide show of cartoons, adding an extra charm to Deathcap's show. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Soon to follow was a long awaited, electrifying set from Mimas. A favourite of the 405's, this enthralling group gripped the approximate 40 people in the room with thrashing guitars, passionate vocals and impeccable showmanship, which included jamming with the giant snowman, and Snæver Njáll Albertsson wiping his forehead with a ten pound note and discarding it. It was a moving display that involved and unified each soul in the room, falling for these four figures showing nothing but love and excitement for what they were doing. Image and video hosting by TinyPic For the headlining act the stage was transformed into a botanical garden, as the mics and instruments were lined with vast quantities of flowers, announcing the arrival of Slaraffenland. They launched an array of booming vocals, looming over the robust sound of the brass and guitar. The real starring sound of the show came from the drums and percussion, an overwhelming arrangement of rhythms that shook the room beyond its steadfastness. Slaraffenland finished an incredible lineup, which all night, never ceased to draw people in from the other rooms of the club.