Well this is weird. I mean, maybe not for you, but it is for me. This is the first time I've reviewed an album here on The 405, so go easy on me and hopefully it won't be my last. You'll normally be able to find me here on the site as the resident film critic, reviewing various films and keeping you up to date with the latest movements in Hollywood, but there was something today that churned the contents of this afternoons lunch inside my stomach, so much so that it ignited a guttural pit of bile fueled fire whilst i sat listening to the new Slipknot Album "All Hope Is Gone" , possessing me into wanting to review this diabolical rhapsody. I can't say I've ever been a die hard Slipknot fan. If I'm honest, their famous Molotov Cocktail of heart thumping drum beats, that seemed to radiate through my chest as if a critter from Aliens was about to burst from its host and blood curdling, throat ripping vocals were enough to make me shit my pants at the best of times. I was always a Stone Sour fan for those reasons. But obviously, I'm my youth, I just clearly wasn't brave or strong enough to handle such grinding power. I haven't listened to a single Slipknot song since i was lent Iowa by a rather deranged friend many years ago and consequently the bed wetting had ceased. Though the nightmares of 9 Insane masked musicians wielding ax shaped guitars are still very real. But having properly gouged my ears in listening to the album, i believe that my nightmares will soon become a cherished pastime of moshing in my bedroom much to my parents dismay. "All Hope Is Gone" is a precarious roller coaster of a ride with the safety belts left unlocked and dangling round ones feet whilst doing a death roll at 3000mph. From the very first breath the whole album would seem to be more fitting serving as a soundtrack to a tribal riot, spilling out of control in a battery of chaotic and faced paced drum beats with every convulsion; as best heard in Vendetta and Wherein Lies Continue. The familiar Slipknot war cry still remains branded into the flesh of every brutal melody, leading the returning 9 disciples of destruction right back into battle for much of the album, it is only when the smoke has settled that we our greeted by the last man standing amongst the fallen and the brilliantly fresh and tender harmonic vocals of Corey Taylor, found in tracks such as Snuff and Vermillion Part2; which are unexpected surprises to the album. I'm glad that "All Hope Is Gone" did not sacrifice Corey's talent for this album, because the blend of raw vocal chord growling and singing is a mixture i have grown fond of. Nine Men, nine masks, three drummers and a cavalier disregard for personal safety, and lo, Slipknot return for a fifth album to beat up popular music. "All Hope Is Gone" is loud, aggressive, technical and a whole lot of fun! Click here to download my favorite track from the album "Snuff"