Who: Slow Club Where: London, Scala When: 24th September Slow Club just have something about them, don't they? On paper, they have the potential to go a bit Ting Tings on you, and just irritate. Another boy/girl duo doing their thing. They are so happy, well actually, more than that, they are so twee! But despite this, there's just that little something that you (well, I at least) can't help but really like... This was the first time that I had managed to catch Slow Club live and given that their debut record has been hit pretty hard on the Mack-iPod since its release earlier this year, their Scala show was one that I was really looking forward to, albeit with a little apprehension. I had a slight niggling fear that the record wouldn't quite transfer onto the live stage, but by the time that they had ripped through a cracking version of 'It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful' I was feeling a lot more at ease. Indeed, if I had any gripes about the show it would be that the live performance transferred exactly like the record ad perhaps I was hoping for a little more. Having said that, the band's performance was tight and confident and both Charles and Rebecca are clearly quite comfortable in front of a crowd. More than that they both really seemed to be having a lot of fun up there. There are some artists who, when on stage, just get up there, play their songs and get off with little or no interaction with the crowd. This is not an accusation that could be put on Slow Club. Both Charles and Rebeccah were happily riffing away between songs which, at times, did descend into nonsense and giggles - particularly the George Michael/Wellington boots joke from c.2002... Granted the jokes were terrible but the rest of the in-set banter was again really quite endearing and charming... and let's face it I wasn't there to hear the chatter... Their 15 track set flew by in a bit of a whizz really and drew heavily (unsurprisingly) from their debut 'Yeah So'. For me, Slow Club are at their best with the up-tempo numbers, forthcoming single 'Trophy Room' and 'Giving Up On Love' were standout tracks for me but the slower 'Our Most Brilliant Friends' and the twee as you like 'When I Go' also worked a treat. Here's them doing 'When I Go' from the other night... They closed the set with fans favourite 'Christmas TV' which was played from the back of the room in the midst of the crowd and saw an attempt to get the crowd to whistle along with them (which ended in a spectacular failure) although did descend into a surprisingly in-time clap and sing along... Following this, the band were then cajoled out again, much to the delight of the audience, for one last song that seemingly had not been pre-planned. The track they decided upon was 'Apples and Pairs' which was the scrappiest version of that song you are ever likely to hear. It was stop-start due mainly to Rebecca's incessant giggling and also Charles' voice breaking half-way through (which then led to further giggles)... This was a really enjoyable performance from the Sheffield duo, during which, the music (at times) became a bit of a sideshow. Somehow it didn't matter though and despite all the giggles and the terrible jokes, the charm of Slow Club coupled with their top tunes won out. Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maxnot/