Sheffield formed duo Slow Club are a force to be reckoned with on stage as mutli-instrumentalists Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson swap between vocals, drums, guitar and keyboards to deliver an astounding live performance. The audience at Village Underground were the first lucky punters to hear offerings from their forthcoming album Complete Surrender, which will be released this July.

Providing support for Slow Club was Barbarossa, who is an electro balladeer with his finger tips on the synths and his voice in the ether. Although his equipment got nerves on the night, his beautifully haunting voice managed to steal attention back from the chattering crowd. However, the background murmur was well and truly silenced when Slow Club took to the stage. Leading with the current single and title track from the impending album 'Complete Surrender', Taylor and Watson were joined by their drummer, bassist and backing singers. The song's catchy hook worms its way into your ears and lodges itself there ready to spring back out on the commute to work. Similarly the third song of the night, dreamy pop track 'Tears Of Joy', has a slowly meandering intro that breaks away into a jaunty chorus that will also get lodged in the mind.

It wasn't just a night for joyous indie pop-rock, Slow Club's forth-coming album also possesses some emotive showstoppers, which echo back to Mowtown classics. 'Suffering Me, Suffering You' and 'The Queen's Nose' leave the crowd somewhat awestruck by the power and sentiment conveyed by Taylor's voice. Although Watson's voice is less of a show-stopper his musical talent is parallel to hers and he captivated the crowd with folkier tracks such as 'Everything is New' and the delicately beautiful acoustic song, 'Paraguay and Panama'.

It's refreshing to see a duo that doesn't just stick rigidly to one type of sound, but instead have a hunger to deliver a diverse range of styles and musical arrangements. Taylor and Watson have a symbiotic musical relationship with vocals that layer up to create deliciously transfixing harmonies on tracks including 'Number One' and 'Wanderer Wandering', both of which have 'future hit' written all over them.

Although the band revisited some of their back catalogue including 'If We're Still Alive' 'Hackney Marshes' and 'Cousins', this gig was mainly about showcasing the innovative mix of tracks that the fans can expect when the album drops in July. The ever enigmatic Taylor implores the audience to buy the new album so that she can afford to employ people to fan her as it's hot on stage. Her witty asides delivered in her northern lilt add to the charm of seeing Slow Club live. Soon to be three albums into their musical endeavours, this band are still clearly having a ball and are continuing to evolve in both talent and musical direction. Pencil the 14th July into your diaries because you owe it to your ears!