Label:Western Vinyl Release Date: 15/03/10 Website: Myspace A droning note sounds, followed by a building ambient electronic atmosphere that soothes which is concluded by a pandemonium chorus of violins, guitars and drumming. That's how Slow Six's Tomorrow Becomes You starts; switching from frantic pace into more subdued sounds. This schizophrenic approach is the sound that identifies Slow Six in this, their third album. It never goes for the minimalistic approach of other post rock bands, as there's quite a few layers going on during the epic-length songs. Although the instrumental nature can make the music zone you out from time to time, there's some rock-out moments. There's this bit during 'Sympathetic response system (part 1)' that grows from sounding like the lost soundtrack to a Commodore 64 videogame into some honest-to-God(speed) jamming. 'Because together we resonate' and 'Cloud cover (part 2)' are simply beautiful atmospheric pieces. There's some random sound samples in the back of 'Cloud cover (part 2)' that sounded a bit jarring the first time, but in the greater scheme of things (there has to be one), it fits. The playful, whale-like sound kicking around just makes it the centre point (at least emotionally speaking) of the album. The sound samples bleed into 'Because together we resonate', the other masterpiece in the six song album (the length of songs saves it from being an EP). This one fuses together electronics with some emotional violin playing that is dissonant enough to get your attention, but never boring. As the sum of its parts it does get a bit repetitive from time to time, but there is an aura that the iterative approach manages to do, pulling the head of Tomorrow Becomes You above the water. 'These rivers between us', a title so expansive that it could apply to a wide range of emotions, deftly closes the album and encompasses how the beauty of instrumental music can be as meaningful as music with lyrics. Photobucket