Label:Transgressive Records Release date: 3 March 2010 Link:Myspace Crude futures kicks start with a riff that might get them a call from Donna Summers' lawyers, really. Thankfully, all homages/nicking stop at the middle of 'Life in the Undergrowth', as it goes a bit into post-rock (a very breezy stop, though), with intermittent drumming and a friendly overdriven riff that sets you up for the rest of the album. What does So So Modern sound like? You know those moments at night when you wake up from a light sleep cycle, jumping from the bed as you just dreamt you were falling? That's pretty much the sensation you get from So So Modern; manic drumming, some screaming and a whole lot of transgressive notes. Like Minus the bear (specially 'The worst is yet to come' and 'Dendrons') but a little more on the heavy side. The pace lets got for a minute, winding down, going a bit into krautrock with 'Berlin', an instrumental track mixing some excellent atmospheric guitar (swear it's an ebow doing the rounds somewhere in there), keyboards and drumming. The pace lags for a bit but recovers all energy at 'Holiday', an album stand-out track that keeps building into a cacophony. Conventions all over are eschewed for the remainder of Crude Futures, as the verse-chorus-verse formula is left out in the cold, the voices are all over the place and the drummer just does whatever he desires to do as he tortures the kit again and again. If there is a problem, it is not the music; it's pretty good, the problem is going to be how well you take to their strange rhythms, as the changes of pace can be a little unforgiving. For what it's worth, you'll be entertained, that's for sure. Photobucket