Recently I was talking to a co-worker of mine about music as she seemed one who was into what I consider to be good music. She started mentioning some bands that often fall under the genre of Shoegazer (my favorite genre, always will be) which got me excited at the possibility that I have just found someone else who actually knows the genre.

I have had to explain what Shoegazer is to just about everyone I talk music with. So then I asked her, “So you like Shoegazer music then?” immediately she said “Oh yeah” enthusiastically. I was buggin’, this had been the first time I had ever met someone else who knew Shoegazer.

So then we start going down the list of all the bands we like, “My Bloody Valentine”, “Slowdive”, “Swervedriver”, and so on. I had to throw in my favorite band “Starflyer 59” for good measure, who is also Shoegazer but hasn’t really become very well known. So the next thing she says to me is that her husband is in a shoegazer band! Here I am, not even knowing there was a Shoegazer band anywhere near where I live, I become even more excited. That night I went home to listen to her husbands band “Solar Powered People” who turn out to be absolutely fantastic. So now I have felt the need to share this band here on The 405 in hopes that more people can enjoy them, and hoping that others here enjoy Shoegazer.

Here is “Solar Powered People’s” song “Awhile”

Solar Powered People - Awhile

And last but not least, their myspace page where you can listen to more songs if you so please.

This has been my first contribution to The 405, I look forward to sharing more artists here.