Label: Viper Bite Records Release Date: Out now! Link: While listening to the debut EP of Paper The Operator it becomes more and more apparent that the band is able to strike a rare combination. Somewhere between the thoughtfulness of indie rock and the strength of guitar rock lays Paper The Operator. Frankly, this is the way emotional rock music should be played, massive sounding with loud, ringing guitars and infectious energy! More power to Paper The Operator for not being afraid to indulge themselves, less does not always equal more. Front man John Sebastian certainly knows his way around a tight hook and the Solemn Boyz EP showcases six shining examples of that. Paper The Operator accentuates the melodies and power behind Sebastian's keen pop song craft. Immediate and anthemic, Paper The Operator pack a truly memorable punch within a brilliantly concise seventeen minutes. With harmonies and melodies galore, the band is able to outshine the huge production of Solemn Boyz EP with an even bigger heart and soul. Sebastian sings on the opening trak "We're faking getting older and we're syncing up the words." That lyrics speaks to the overall tone of the record more than any other perhaps. After all, Paper The Operator are not just recovering some long, lost feeling on their EP. The band is coping with who they are and trying to forget and preconceived notions made along the way. We have all failed to live up to previous standards, ideas and hopes. Sebastian adds late "To serve your sight and burn your eyes. Begin to let go." Paper The Operator's debut, Solemn Boyz EP, is the sound of pure acceptance. 5/5