Label: Polyvinyl Release date: 16/08/10 Link: Myspace Buy/MP3: Amazon / MP3 With Pershing, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin brought us eleven slices of indie-pop pie. Now, a full two years later, they're back with Let It Sway, but is it as good as it's predecessor? The band opens up proceedings with the beautifully constructed 'Back In The Saddle'. Essentially the song serves as a "we're back" message from the guys, and boy do they do it well. The opener then bleeds effortlessly into the title track, 'Let It Sway', which was released as a download a while back. Anyone that's heard that song will know what I mean when I say the word 'sunshine'. Free energy is a concept that produces various levels of eyebrow raising but those doubters obviously haven't heard this song. It's an adrenaline shot to say the least. That theme is a key ingredient to what SSLYBY are about, but like most great bands though, personal development is key to keeping things fresh and they've certainly managed that. The first indication of this change happened a while back when they created a theme song for the Springfield Cardinals baseball team. The song was full of stadium rock elements that had a more epic quality to them than previous SSLYBY recordings. A big riff diet if you will. This style has been peppered throughout quite a few of the tracks on this record ('Banned (By The Man)' etc) and whilst on paper (or computer screen) that might sound bad, I assure you it's not. It's a band in full swing and full of confidence. Another notable thing about this record, and the band in general, is that they haven't lost their ability to write a great pop song. The whole record is full of them. 'All Hail Dracula!' and 'Phantomwise' are prime examples of this. Let It Sway is the most complete SSLYBY record to date. That’s evident with just one listen. but is it perfect? Not quite. There's a couple of moments where the record drags, but on a whole this is a record to be extremely proud of and will hopefully propel them to the big leagues where they belong. Photobucket