A somewhat cold and windy Tuesday evening, was brightened up by the prospect of watching the wonderful Sons & Daughters. Before them however, we were treated to a couple of support slots. First up were the punky stylings of She’s Hit, a group of young urchins making a glorious racket. Sounding occasionally like a four piece falling down the stairs, but in a good way, they certainly are a breath of fresh air. Hard to describe any particular song which stood out, but with the lead singer jumping into the crowd at the end of the set was certainly an epic way to end the set.

Next up were Fangs, a female fronted glam rock group. Playing electro styled tunes, they certainly got the crowd’s interest piqued, despite the unfamiliarity of the band. A catchy, tuneful and fun band.

After a 4 year or so gap, Sons & Daughters have made a critically well received comeback with their fourth long player, Mirror Mirror. Playing a few weeks after its release, the set tonight mainly concentrated on the new record, with a smattering of the older classics. Tunes such as ‘Orion’ and ‘Breaking Fun’ certainly sat in well in comparison to the older songs such as ‘Johnny Cash’, though obviously the latter was certainly afforded a louder cheer.

However, the band’s performance throughout was tight, the banter playful, and in ending the encore free set with Rose Red certainly showed that the band are looking to the future rather than the past. Hopefully, they will come back rather sooner than 4 years next time!