Buy: Amazon Brighton twelve-piece Sons Of Noel And Adrian are among the group of bands at the forefront of the folk revival. Real folk that is, not the faux-folk of the numerous singer-songwriters we're now so accustomed to but the beautifully fraught folk of the likes of these, Alessi's Ark and Mumford and Sons. There's a realness about Sons Of Noel And Adrian's EP, Rivers and it comes through their mammoth numbers being used to its fullest with the lush strings graciously appearing to create a stunning backdrop to the lulling, hushed vocal harmonies. The three-song EP grasps onto your attention and sends you off to a place of untouched beauty that is never overdone. Rivers is perfectly restrained but grows when it needs to like on opener Black Side Of The River. Closer Leaving Mary's Hand delicately drifts through sparse haunting folk that will send shivers down the sternest of spines. The two voices suit perfectly throughout but it's at it's most beautiful on Leaving Mary's Hand. The intricate guitars and strings create a dark and brooding monotony through Big, Bad, Bold but it never feels stale as swells and fades mesmerisingly. Folk seems to have taken on a different meaning over the past few years as it now seems to be more commonly seen as the singer-songwriting troubadours types. When it sounds this good, it makes proper folk bands like Sons Of Noel And Adrian even more pleasing. The organic and authentic folk roots make for an ethereal beauty most can only dream of.