When Søren Juul first glided into public view via the short-lived moniker Indians, he was quick to establish that he was nothing but himself. 2013's Somewhere Else was an evocative, occasionally haunting, showcase of the Dane's ability to toe the line between four or five genres at any given time. Only one band even seemed faintly comparable, so the links to Justin Vernon were inevitable. The Village Voice was perhaps the most direct, calling Juul "Denmark's Bon Iver." In the years since his debut, Juul has decided to kick aside his previous pseudonym, perhaps in an effort to start fresh without the comparisons to everyone's favorite cold weather troubadour.

From a musical standpoint, Juul's new record, This Moment, is not vastly different from his debut. But what does seem to be different is a palpable elevation in confidence. Juul told the New York Times that he took away his old moniker because he doesn't "really need the safety net anymore." The intoxicating songcraft that fills and buoys this album is proof that the musician wasn't just posturing. For example, 'Greenpoint,' a propulsive and pulsing anthem, provides the perfect framework for Juul to engage in some stunning vocal theatrics. Again, it isn't far off from his debut in terms of the music, but there is an extra power behind these songs that seems to stem from a Juul putting more faith in his ability as a songwriter.

Juul's musical abilities have certainly deepened, if not expanded. His knack for melody seems to have become more finely tuned, with each song on This Moment gripping the listener's attention -- the six-minute slow burner 'Soulseeker' included. His balladry behind the piano, which is showcased beautifully on the aforementioned gentle heartbreak of a song 'Soulseeker,' remains breathtaking beyond words, while his ability to add atmospheric touches to his tender compositions is comparable only to a group like the Antlers or -- you guessed it -- Bon Iver.

In the gauntlet of music writing, comparisons are a touchstone and it would seem that, in spite of everything he has tried, Juul will find it difficult to fully shake his press-conjured association with the famed Wisconsinite. Regardless, Juul has once again managed to make something that is his own and could not be replicated by Vernon. The delicacy of his compositions, the percolation of his voice and, above all else, the confidence in what he is presenting to people prove that Juul is more than capable of separating himself from the pack. This Moment is a beautiful collection of songs, but it is also a mission statement. Expect Søren Juul to be sticking around for quite some time.