Anyone who knows Brighton well enough will understand that it is a vibrant and colourful little seaside gem. It boasts a vivacious nightlife; an eclectic live music scene, where you can see small indie treasures in the likes of The Freebutt or The Prince Albert, or catch bigger deals at The Dome, The Corn Exchange or my personal favourite, Concorde 2. Small sweaty clubs like New Hero and Jam have provided an alternative to the larger 'hair extension and fake tan' filled venues such as HoneyClub or Tru... or even Digital. And with a bottomless pic 'n' mix bag of bars and pubs, one might say you're pretty well catered for here. Almost. For where do you go when you want to experience something a little more out of the ordinary? You have a love of unique and experimental music, the arts, cinema, the avant-garde... but you want to share that interest with like-minded, interesting and intriguing people. Small festivals may offer some occasional relief, but my, wouldn't it be divine to experience it on your doorstep? Fortunately SoundCirque is a collective offering just that. Events are curated, funded and run by Elizabeth Walling aka ELIZABETH (who you may have caught a review of in Danny and I's LOOP Festival coverage), these nights offer a far cry from Brighton's mainstream, where you may encounter performances, live music and DJ sets which “bravely cross genres and create a unique musical experience". The collective have worked with many artists and experimental musicians including Capillary Action (Discorporate Records), Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bedroom Community), Leafcutter John (Staubgold, Planet Mu, Schematic, Tigerbeat6, XL) as well as Brighton's best talent such as Dark Horses, Le Band Extraordinaire and ELIZABETH herself, I was delighted to be invited to Wrapped In Plastic, a night to pay homage to the mother of all directors twisted and tantalizing - David Lynch. Did you get the Laura Palmer reference there? The Studio Bar of Komedia had been transformed into a dark, seedy and alluring Lynchian dreamscape - The Black Lodge. Tonight's event had sold out within the first 40 minutes of the doors opening. As I entered, I noticed a small table of cherry pies and later spot the baby from Eraserhead. The theme to Twin Peaks drifts from the soundsystem as masked faces, rabbits and femme fatales grace the bar and stage areas. The lighting was low, the black and white stage met with thick, luscious red velvet curtains, was just about visible through wafts of red and violet smoke. At the bar, Lynch themed cocktails sold at £5 a pop. I chose 'In Dreams', an intoxicating blend of which I can't quite remember now. Though I do remember its toxic green hue... Anyway, I arrived just in time for ELIZABETH's performance. Emerging in silence, and wearing delightfully eerie night-owl attire, handmade signs inform us what is going on. For anyone who has seen Mulholland Dr., you will of course have been forever haunted by the scene in Club Silencio. "NO HAY BANDA!" That scene is an emotional powerhouse. Elizabeth, armed only with her own voice, executed the most chilling, raw cover of 'Llorando' that I could ever have imagined. It was to no surprise the crowd fell silent, with the exception of some drunk idiots in Phantom Of The Opera masks at the back, clearly misinformed of what tonight was to entail. After a much deserved applause and cheer, DJ sets drew us back into reality with Rock’N’Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Experimental Jazz. I went and treated myself to another cocktail. This time, 'It Was Red'. After conversing with and photographing some wonderful people, Dark Horses later take the stage and perform a haunting rendition of In Heaven, Everything Is Fine aka Lady In The Radiator song from Eraserhead, among more Lynchian delights. Le Band Extraordinaire's performance gets toes tapping and bodies swaying to deep heavy basslines and crooning sax. More aural delights are provided by tonight's DJs, and the dancefloor slowly began to fill with characters from Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Lost Highway and more. Upon my departure I very much enjoyed the sight of rabbits, vampish laydees, dapper gentlemen and bejeweled faces getting pretty funky and having a generally dazzling time. And what is the next step for SoundCirque you may ponder? We Are The Robots, a night of all things Science Fiction, will commence on All Hallow's Eve at the Komedia Studio bar. I suggest you buy your tickets early! For all information on SoundCirque, please visit or