'Pheonix Nights' was the first thought that sprung to mind upon entering the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. An ancient and broken light-up heart adorned the stage, someone hacked away at a wall cable with a knife and there was garlic bread on the bar (OK, maybe the last one isn’t true, but it’s still a pretty outdated yet intriguing place).

First on stage for the Lyle and Scott curated gig were The Good Suns, an up-and-coming indie four piece who won a competition to gain the support slot. Although still in their infancy, the training wheels came off for a short and sweet set full of melodic pop tunes with distorted guitars.

Second on the bill were Theme Park, who looked so modest on stage performing, which must have been really hard because every song they have sounds like a single and they must know it. At least one of them must be mentally visualising themselves crotch thrusting and setting their instrument on fire, there’s got to be some cockiness somewhere (and so there should be). A truly talented band that will get you dancing and you won’t even know it.

The modesty was thrown away though with the arrival of the sharply dressed Spector, who came out all guns blazing with a stage presence so intense it would have made Slipknot blush. "We’ve had some good news, we are in the sound of BBC 2012," Fred Macpherson muses. "But we’ve been told there’s been a mistake, so there’s going to be a recount...our lawyer is at the back to discuss refunds."

Comedy isn’t the only surprise of the night though, as Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange) joins them onstage for an insane guitar solo during penultimate song ‘Chevvy Thunder’, making jaws drop and ears bleed. They end with ‘Never Fade Away’, a bit of a disappointment after the chaotic show of the previous song. The ballad-esque qualities drag on with awkward spells of hand clapping and it never reaches a climax, just a slow and exhausting conclusion is drawn. Although the finisher was tedious and the set was only 8 songs long, the impression was made and the hype justified.

BBC Sound of 2012: If the recount doesn’t go well for Spector, I’m sure Theme Park would be happy to take their place.