‘Blue Wray’ is the first single to be released by London alt-rock band Spectrum 7, and it’s quite an interesting debut. B>Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Release date: Out Now Sounding like a mixture between Muse and The Deftones the track shifts from the mellow to the epic with considerable ease, erupting from its more pensive moments into surges of heavy rock. But Spectrum 7 offer more than just guitars, bass and drums. ‘Blue Wray’ showcases the band’s electronic side which, sounding a little like the game Boom Boom Rocket, has clearly been coloured by their days making tunes on a Playstation and works well with the other elements of the song. If the single has a specific weak point it is the chorus of ‘Don’t look down because I can’t see the ground’ which is indicative of a clichéd sentimental streak that Spectrum 7 have only just managed to prevent from being a more general problem. ‘Blue Wray’ is certainly worth a listen and Spectrum 7 may well be worth keeping an ear out for. Rating: 7/10