Label: Indie Release date: 30/12/09 Website: 'Serafin' is a bold combination of heavy synths, guitar, and pulsing drum machine rhythm which has a shamelessly 90s feel to it. A frantic keyboard melody, frantic riffs and frantic singing make for, well, a pretty frantic feel. Their music is polished, tight, but they seem mired in the Lostprophets-like whinge-rock that has been done time and time again. It's formulaic: lots of quiet-loud dynamic and layered vocals. Definitely time to move on. The dual harmonies are well placed but sadly don't save the whiny quality of the vocals. The keyboard is also jarringly chirpy, and ill-fitting next to the emo-style lead guitar and downtrodden lyricism. The fact that they have such a tense, fast paced tempo is really hampered by repetitive lyrics and clumsy musical gear-changes. They seem to be fighting between being a 1992 grunge rock band and a 1986 whinge-ballad group, and it doesn't really come together as a whole. Go and listen to some Thursday instead. Rating: 2/10 What say you on this?Sound off in our Fourum!