Spindrift's new album, Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1, would appear to be a collection of covers of long lost soundtracks from an era where directors had complete control over the final product (with varied results). But they're not. Instead, they are all original pieces, with some of the sensibilites of the Road Movie/Western thrown in, mixed and served up in a Margarita glass.

It's fun trying to write down how many tropes of classic soundtracks Spindrift have deployed here, with the classic flute used in a myriad of kung fu films makes its appearance in the album's opening track, 'Japexico'. It does disappear into the sunset though, as the rest of the album is mostly guitar driven.

Classic chord progressions, and a good snare workout, are the name of the game for Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1. The band shows their love for the cinema, displaying it through their musical talents. Mental images of rugged cowboys saving the day, or lonesome motorbike riders sailing through the seas of asphalt in the desert, are all on show here.

'Hellbound' is a cool ditty, with a typical country feel, but with a lot of electric guitar (and chanting). It's the first moment the album really grabs your attention (no offence to the previous songs). The album veer's from rocky bits like this into slow grooves, sometimes psychedelic tinged, like 'Theme from Confusion Range' or go into full post-rock, like the universally lauded 'Theme from Drifter's Pass', easily the album's most epic moment.

But there's so much to find here. 'Leged of the widower Colby Wallace' is an absolute belter, both because of the dramatics of the song, and its solemnity. The sparse use of a sitar is the cherry on top of this amazing track.

It's a shame that Spindrift's output is sparse, but taking into account that they do a bit of cinema on the side (I heartily recommend The God of Gun) and the quality of this release, maybe the time they take to create their music is a good thing.