Brooklyn based group Sport Of Kings are slick and polished. Their début EP Logic House, is devoid of harsh guitar sounds instead relaying on keyboard and a sprightly horn section for the construction of melody. Steely Dan is an obviously influence although the group don't quite have the sheer musicianship to pull it quite off. That doesn't necessarily matter though as what the group produce is both competent and pleasant.

Logic House is never particularity exciting, there aren't really any tracks on it that make the listener stand up and take notice, but that doesn't quite condemn it to irrelevance. This EP is interesting in part just because it dares to be slightly different, not different in a dissonant experimental way, but instead taking the basic principles of indie rock and just moving away the focus from the guitars. This leads to a familiar individuality that is moderately refreshing. Despite creating songs that a structurally very similar to the entirety of the indie-rock crowd Sport of Kings have carved a sound that isn't exactly identical to the herd.

The result is, unfortunately, still one of mediocrity. Logic House is a pleasant listen that you won't grow tired of quickly. However it's too uninspiring, lacking any impact or exciting quality. While it's difficult to dislike it's also hard to imagine anybody ever really choosing to listen to it repeatedly. Perhaps this is due to a lack of real quality songs, Sport Of Kings have the musicianship and ability to create something good but this isn't quite it. Look out for a future full length but not with baited breath.