Label: Alcopop Records Release date: 19/07/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon High ratings for any release are always a contentious issue here at The 405. Trying to come up with a standard set of rules which will allows a writer to accurately rate a record is like trying to pull teeth. I, however, feel that giving a rating of 10/10 quite a simple process. Is the record made up songs that stand on their own (not always the case with 'album' based records) with pride? Does the album flow and work well as a unit? The second the record finishes, would I play it again straight away? Does it take you through a series of emotions? And lastly, how does it fair against previous releases? Crash My Ride, the latest EP by Stagecoach, is a perfect example of how I might implement the structure above for a 10/10 review on this site, as it meets all requirements with ease. We have a long and varied history with this band, starting with 2008's School Day EP - an EP which set up the next two years of their careers. At that point they could have ventured down various different paths, none as good as they took with the We Got Tazers EP, which was released last year. A great EP, but possibly quite singular on reflection. Crash My Ride represents the next phase in this bands life cycle and see's them open up in a way they've never done before. Recorded by James Kenosha (Dinosaur Pile Up/Grammatics), Crash My Ride is an aggressively large sounding record, which was one of the missing pieces of We Got Tazers. Song wise, you can't fault it. Every song is perfect in its own way and although not musically that similar, reminds me of a lot of Pinkerton era Weezer. Rivers would be proud of 'Axe Behind My Back'. Trust me. Live favourites such as 'Hieroglyphics' and 'Good Great Better Best' make a welcome appearance, and give this record the sort of adrenaline hit you'd get from seeing them live. The true gem of this record though, is the finale 'Fish Tank Glow'. Take any classic album, for example Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and you'll be confronted with book after book about how each song was created and the story behind them. 'Fish Tank Glow' is the bands 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', with a story which involves Kenosha forcing them to develop the song to put it on the EP. For that Kenosha, we owe you one. It's a nod towards their early days and really shows why this band have made it on to this site on a regular basis since our doors opened. Good luck trying to top this guys. I wish you all the best. Photobucket