Despite the forces of Mother Nature trying their damnedest to work against those of us who had ventured out into last nights torrential downpour;clothed in the best cold and water proof clobber we could find, rescue and refuge was fortunately in sight, just over the horizon in the form of The Good Ship; Kilburn's number #1 live music hot spot! For those that were lucky enough to clamber on board and be rescued by The Good Ship, a traditional and hearty night of home grown musical goodness was to be served up below decks by ship mates Laura Hocking,Arcs of Red,Stagecoach,4or5 Magicians and Battle 4 Prague - washed down with a rejuvenating ale or two! The 405 were in attendance to watch two of the admirable acts scheduled to perform at The405 Presents... event next month! Check it out! Acoustic songstress Laura Hocking set the tone of the night, providing her gathering audience with a display of songs both old and new. Opening any show can be nerve wrecking by any means to say the least, though as her set continued and Laura plucked effortlessly away at the strings of her guitar, any nerves that she had once harbored seemed to have vanished as she steered the The Good Ship out of the port and into the stormy waters that lay ahead with great ease. Laura's way of narrating quirky stories through her songs; which had there been cushions placed on the floor, i am sure people would have made themselves comfortably seated on to listen, and creating petite melodies to go with them makes for a beautifully harmonic marriage of both music and lyrics! If last nights performance was anything to go by, Laura Hocking's sensational voice to the accompaniment of acoustic bliss will undoubtedly send a shiver through Notting Hill Arts Club come January 10th! You can check more from Laura by visiting her Official MySpace here The ocean had seemingly calmed for the rest of the evening, granting The Good Ship a fair voyage and plane sailing from here on in. Oh how wrong we were! For in the midst of our jolly sing alongs and knee's up's we had forgotten about the pirates, Stagecoach; proverbial high way men of the land and sea, that had come to borrow our ears and then rob us of our hearts. Clutching our valuables, the Surrey 5 piece leaped on stage, hijacking The Good Ship and all of its passengers and crew! Unloading their arsenal of catchy power pop tunes, Stagecoach seemed to take control of the stage, turning their entire audience;who had turned out in force, into a thriving pit, singing along in a chorus of pre-memorized verses as they danced a merry jig! It's been said that Stagecoach are the type of band that can only be truly appreciated live and if ever there was a time or a place to prove this theory, then last night at The Good Ship was it! The stage presence of Stagecoach is one that demands attention and one that had the audience throwing it's valuables at their feet, in approval of Stagecoaches musical TAKE OVER!!! Stagecoach certainly got the blood pumping around the bodies of the partially cold and soggy crowd! You can check out more from Stagecoach, who will be rocking out and looking to add to their bag of loot at The405 Presents... by visiting their Official MySpace here A huge thanks to Luke and Nick of Stagecoach for having us along, it was a great night!