Artist: Stagecoach Album: School Day EP Label: None Link: I was always under the impression that sun-kissed power pop was for Americans only, Americans from California to be exact. I was quite clearly wrong because Surrey's finest, Stagecoach seem to handle the role pretty well. I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly taken by the first song off this four track EP or even track two to be honest. They seem a but flimsy and watered down, which is quite easily achieved in this style of music but track three 'Delinquents' is exactly what they should be doing all the time. It's cheesy as hell like in a Jacks Mannequin and Rocket Summer kind of way but it works.  They should change it to being a single for 'Delinquents' rather than an EP though. I guess a single release for that song will be on the cards once they get signed. Which is inevitable.  3.5/5