Label: Alcopop Release date: 05/10/09 Website: We all have those bands that we fight for right? The sort of band that caught you off guard one day and you've been in love with ever since? The sort of band that some of your friends are dubious about, even with your incessant cries of "I can understand why you may not like them on record but SEE THEM LIVE!". They're your friends though and they'll accompany you to one of their gigs one day and will be instantly converted. It always happens. With the release of We Got Tazers! Stagecoach finally kick that tag to the curb. They're now the sort of band that requires absolutely no set-up. Just put the EP on and enjoy. Much of this is down to energy. As a live act they're one of the best around. I've yet to have a bad time at a Stagecoach gig and almost always leave the venue in a state of euphoria. What they struggled with a few years ago on the School Day EP though was quite simple. They just didn't, or couldn't, get that energy across. Thank god those days are over. We Got Tazers! is a 5 track (or 6 if you include the remix) journey through the outer reaches of grunge with a detour through pop's valleys. Think Wilco if they were a lot happier. Bad points? Well there's not many to deal with to be honest. The dub remix seems a bit pointless to me If I'm being honest but I can appreciate why it's there. If you fancy a record you can put on, sing-a-long too and feel a punch to the gut when the devil rears it's head, then but this record immediately. Wow...what a difference a few years make. Rating: 8/10