This is a book about language. Not about linguistics, or the kind of language which is commonly displayed as symbols in books for people with more delicate sensibilities than I. Nor in a theoretical, "how can we talk about x without first defining y" sense. No. In this book, language is real. The text sea is more than just a metaphor, and is inhabited by some very dangerous creatures indeed. Meet Eric Sanderson. He's just woken up on a floor, in a room, with no memories of anything at all. The first thing he finds is a letter, addressed to him, and signed "the first Eric Sanderson". His therapist thinks he is suffering from a dissociative disorder following the death of his girlfriend. But the letters keep arriving. Join Eric and his cat, Ian, on a journey through un-space as they set out to uncover the truth, and find out whether Eric will ever recover his memories. Everyone should read this book.