Steve Mason has always been a big fan of reggae. The former member of King Biscuit Time, Black Affair and the Beta Band, just needed someone who had released a dub record before to realise his dream. After veteran Dub producer Denis Bovell was given a copy of Mason’s latest work Boys Outside - a pop record - he played it back to back four times and could not contain his excitement at how “Dubable” he felt he could make it.

Re-titled Ghosts Outside this body of work is blended just right. In fact, it is a more uplifting affair as the original dealt with Mason’s depression. The traits of dub like reverb and echo give the songs a more relaxing than haunting atmosphere. Along with the fact that some of his vocals are left out to accommodate the new beats. Even what Mason thought  was the “undubable” song, 'I let her in', Bovell manages with ease. "I’m a firm believer that you can find reggae in anything," Bovell states in an online interview in regards to this track. Each track has been labelled with Dub in the name for example 'Dub Her In' is Bovell’s version of 'Let her In'. 'Lost and Dub' replaces 'Lost and Found'.

Basslines have been changed, vocals played about with, it’s an exceptional remix of what was already an enchanting album. If you like Dub you’ll probably like this; if you don’t like Dub, stay away. Mason is still hit or miss, but he found the right man to give him the reggae beats he’s always craved.