Born in Riverside California in 1973, Steven Daily did a considerable amount of moving, between California and the American Mid-west, during his formative years. It was during these years that his passion for art was sparked and began to flourish like wildfire. After graduating from Bolsa Grande High School, he attended Riverside Community College, and later transferred to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Unsatisfied with the “schooling” he had received, Steven took it upon himself to develop a style as individual to the world as he. Steven has done just that. Graffiti played an enormous role in his learning, teaching him patience as well as color theory and composition. In 1997, propelled by the advice of a former professor, and a meeting with a Disney executive, Steven concluded that the time had come to become serious about his career as an artist. Today, Steven’s work is extremely stylized, and his paintings are emotionally evocative. He has shown in numerous galleries nationwide. He has created a sizeable body of work. Mr. Daily is extremely busy these days, working on several exciting new projects, so you can expect to see much more from him in the immediate future. Steven took some time out to give an exclusive interview to The405, check it out! When did you first realize or for see that your art work could become a possible career path for yourself? For as far back as I could remember I wanted to be a professional artist.I knew what I wanted to be  at like ten. It's weird to say but I can't think of a time i wasn't drawing or painting.The first time I saw a star wars art book or a D&D monster manual was probably the start.I can remember Doing blade runner drawings right after we got home from seeing it.The same with star wars. A lot of you art work consists of skulls,skeletons and other various demonic looking charachters. Is death something that is constantly on your mind and therefore showing through in your art work? I have really never thought of it that way.I have always just been fascinated with anatomy and oddities. As far as demonic things? I was raised christian,  the demons and devils are drummed into you as much as christ or heaven.I guess I just get the demons out on paper.I have always been attracted to the dark side of things.I would have joined the Empire, But later betrayed the emporer. How did the transition from having your art work on canvas/wood to then having it put onto skateboard decks come about? I have always wanted to make skate boards.I skated for like twenty years, and still push around on my board every once in a while.Back in two thousand and two, I did an art show with andy howell and dave kinsey.At the brewery in los angeles.I got to meet one of my skate heroes Andy Howell.we lost touch for a while but with the wonderfull invention of the world wide web.I was able to keep in touch with him.After a few years He asked me to be apart of the artist project It was an amazing i agreed and now I have some Really cool decks. Have you ever considered doing your own comic book/graphic novel series or working as a comic book illustrator? I actual have a grafic novel/ childrens book. Its called "It Ate Billy On Christmas" on Dark horse Publishing. I did 48 hand painted pages and Roman Dirge wrote it. I also did another small comic slash childrens book with Roman, called "Peter The Pirate squid" Published by slave labor graphics. Another book with roman is in the works.I am Working On a scifi epic write now with Writer Chris Ogilvie. working title "Second coming" And A secret project with Jon Schnepp Director Of "Metalocalypse" There's also a strong Star Wars influence in your work. As a fan, had you always wanted to incorporate charachters from the movies or was this just a natural progression in your art work? It wasn't a conscious decision.Like all my friends that grew up in the eighty's, That Iconic imagery just resinates in me.I do think it was just a natural thing to come out. Im obsessed with star wars. Where does your fascination for drawing naked women and the female form derive from? I took some life drawing classes.I just fell in love with the female form.I love the fine line between sexuality beauty and anatomy. Would you say that each of your portrait pieces can tell or have a personal story attached to the character in them? Is this intentional? They do have a story to them, BUt I'll never tell. Its not intentional, It kinda just happens.I'd rather the reader make up there own story. Its probably better than mine any way. Does music influence you creativeness at all? What have you been listening to a lot of on your Ipod/mp3 player recently? I would have to say yes, JOy division and radio head are a big inspiration in my work.lately I have been listining to IO echo, Nick cave, Joy division, warsaw,  Refused, NIN, The arcade fire, Drive like jehu, spiritualized, Snowden,  and on and on and on...... What is the key to never getting tired/bored of what you do? I try not to paint the same Thing over and over.  Continuous growth and learning are key for me.I also try to surround myself with talented people that inspire me! Finally, where do you see yourself 5 years from now, in regards to your work, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life. I would love to do museum shows, and maybe have a book of my art. Possibly have my own gallery or at least work shop.and maybe teach what i know to whoever will listen. Be sure to check more of Steven's work by visiting his Official website here and on MySpace here