Label:Catapult Release date: 05/04/10 Myspace Stevie and the Moon (what's with the “and the” moniker being abused, anyways?), bring us These old traditions, an EP of light, puffy power pop with some rock on the side (and quite a lot of punch in the vocal delivery). 'We take it out' goes mental with drum rolls that build up, marching to a war of emotions. It's a simple song with some arpeggios and a melodramatic pop song ending, but still, it's good. It might be the only introspective moment of the EP (or mini-album, as the press kit says), as the rest of the songs go for a bright sound. In fact, the entire feel of the EP (barring the aforementioned song and the closing song) is extremely bright, going for the anthemic route. Nothing wrong with that when it's done as polished and as deftly as its done here. 'This fire' is epic and packs quite a punch, with a radio-friendly pace that never outstays its welcome. 'Tick tock world' might be taping into that old tradition of power pop, sounding like the direct descendant between The Sundays and The Delays.The end of the album comes courtesy of 'Pictures', the acoustic, country twang-style song that gives the ears a rest and lets you go into introspection; letting every chord sink in. These Old Traditions is a good dose of pop rock, where any stigmas that the 'pop' tag might bring are soon forgotten, due to the power of the voice presented. Photobucket