Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 04/10/10 Link: Official Website I can never commend a band or artist that sound like a bad version of someone, or something else. Still Flyin’, soon to change their name to ‘About To Crash’, are an American Indie Pop band, whose sound is reminiscent to Brooklyn based band, The Drums mixed with a touch of Tears For Fears. An interesting amalgamation, only they just don’t cut it like they do. A Party In Motion just seems to be lacking something, lacking zest, oomph, or any of that va va voom Henry spoke of in those Renault Clio adverts all those years ago. Opening track ‘Victory Walker 2 AM’, sounds like a bad introduction to a B-Side from a Kate Bush track, (minus the over elaborate dancing). The rest of the E.P. has awkward sounding moments, with spoken poetic words, which sound more like the reading from a person at an arts and poetry therapy class, as opposed to an apparent Indie Pop band. Perhaps one highlight is a saxophone solo which replaces the ‘Kate Bush B-Side feel’ with a sound, which may as well have come from an 80’s porno. Sorry boys, this E.P. just didn’t cut it, like I had hoped. Photobucket