Let’s face it; much of life is pretty boring and lacklustre. It is just as well then that Still Flyin’ should exist along with their carefree, cheerful attitude and energetic slacker-indie pop. Still Flyin’ are a ‘party band’ in the truest sense, their ethos consists of having fun with their friends (and that’s 15 friends in this case.) Hailing from the party metropolis of San Francisco, the band is a supergroup - both in terms of collaboration, size and ability, and are just about as close as you can get to the physical incarnation of ‘fun’. StillFlyin I used to think that gigs were fun up until I began to watch Still Flyin’ play live; I now realise that all bands up to that point had been enormously dull. Indeed, little else is more entertaining than seeing 9 people frantically dancing around a cramped stage. Watching the band felt much more like watching a circus act, only without the enduring pity felt for the performers. On stage, there was constant activity and movement, as no less than 12 instruments were played (many at once!). The band was also joined by a 70’s disco-looking ‘Bez’, whose soul purpose was to look cool and dance (a job he did pretty well). To my surprise, Proud Galleries seemed an oddly apt setting for the band’s performance. After all, Camden has become the place for deviant, unadulterated enjoyment. It is no surprise then that the audience should be so enthralled by such a spectacle. Indeed, the band’s enjoyment and optimism was truly infectious – their frenzied performance and sweet, sunshine sounds have the power to convert even the most miserable of person. It didn’t even matter that many of the songs often lacked variety in tempo, levels of enthusiasm and differentiation, because after all, who needs dynamics when you’ve got 8 band members and a dancing ‘disco bez’ to entertain? And entertain they did! There is certainly something amicable about their carefree attitude to life that was reflected in their on stage performances, banter and music. Having such a big band can’t bring in much money, but when they’re having this much fun, I doubt they care. 3566491590_07b8bf7757