Venue: Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen Support Bands: Big Deal, Cymbals Date: 30/09/10 San Francisco supergroup Still Flyin' brought their multiple-member, genre-crossing show to the cool kids of Hoxton as part of their action-packed tour around Europe and really showed them how to have fun. Support bands Big Deal and Cymbals were credible enough but in this small backroom of Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, it was the (this time) six-strong San Franciscans who really got the party started. For at least three-quarters of the show, they got a previously fairly placid audience engaged and dancing, not just the die-hard fans but also those who’d popped in out of curiosity to see what was going on. There was even some genuine comedy in the form of multi-instrumentalist fun man Gabe Saucedo, and aside from a cringing moment where singer Sean informed us that the drummer and he were ‘kindred spirits’, it was all-round entertainment from a great medley of characters which included an impromptu sit-down before the last track. With the bands flexible sound (ranging from funk to ska to more epic harmonies) serving them well, this is a clearly very musically tight and talented band, propelled forward by a funky rhythm section. The only problem is the incredibly unhelpful habit Still Flyin' have of not identifying their new songs, but new release ‘Victory Walks’ showed an intriguing new, perhaps more serious direction of sound. Such was the way they affected the crowd that there was an encore, where the band bashfully finished off in style with the incredibly popular ‘Rope Burn’ and ‘Runaway Train’. All in all, great entertainment - if perhaps nothing particularly revolutionary.