North America has so much flawlessness and flavourlessness that it is strenuously difficult to attach a specific label to how musicians are going to produce their music, based on geographical scale. Fresher acts, like Young Digerati and Still Flyin' seem to go about a new trend of San Franciscan-stylised synthpop-inspired textures, more appropriately the latter.

Not just loaded with a heavy taste of post-90s synthpop, On A Bedroom Wall, the massive collective's debut, formulates slight and subtle tinges of Indie Dance. Embracing a droopy, head-bopping bass in 'Travelin Man', Still Flyin' offers an 80s-esque after-chorus filled with hazy vocals and a gently-phased lead guitar. Artists who feel the need to bring about a retro mania seem to do with obvious efforts and obvious results, furthermore stilted by their own creativity. Though not all glorious traversing the debut, Still Flyin' is not frequently fluxed between the ideals and what is realistically happening, like boring dream-chasers who receive faux compliments from their locals, as that's the farthest level those kinds of people will reach.

Lyrics may not be the forte, as they are neither deep nor do they offer any personal insight into what the band's mission statement is. Loosely and playfully in 'Take These Streets', the xylophone-like synthesisers mixed with a simply echoed keyboard and swirling background vocals, layer-by-layer it proves to be a dynamically affluent production. Getting to the major point: does it lack taste? No. Is it headphone-friendly? It is quite radio-friendly, even. However, does it present a new plate of flavours to the table? Creating something highly new is never an issue and even though On A Bedroom Wall brushes off a wad of widely familiar sounds, The City By The Bay's latest addition expresses an eclectic mix of tones and textures that keep a consistent, but not overwhelming, amount of adrenaline running.

Still Flyin' is a band that doesn't shove attitude in your face, probably because there's a lack thereof. There's no contentious side to them; no abstractions about and no liner notes that brand any unique selling point, which may be bothersome if they want to be the single rose amongst a field of daisies. With a flashy sound, Still Flyin' has started the race in fashionable style.