Label: Moshi Moshi Release Date: 08/02/10 Website: Myspace Ahhh Still Flyin' I feel like I really must like you guys. You're from San Fran and have that summery cutesy sound. You have fifteen, I think, (!!!) members and sing what is according to Transgressive Records, "a hybrid of rocksteady and roots reggae". Yet I just can't put my finger on what's not to like. On an initial listen this band is drowning in good times summery vibes, bitchin' bass riffs and anthemic boy/girl chanting choruses, which I always love. They're released on the same UK label (Moshi Moshi) as Tilly and the Wall, Architecture in Helsinki, Slow Club etc if you are looking for comparative artists. However I just get the feeling that this band, even if they are fantastic, and maybe I need to head to a live show to really be thrown into the deep end of their infectious energy and creativity, are simply another flash in the pan of bands who kick relative ass live, but on record just cannot translate those vibes. Either that or I'm a cynic at heart. Pretty catchy, pretty listenable, but if I am to take a personal stance, I find ultimately it goes nowhere. Photobucket