Grime appears to be everyone's favourite buzzword at the moment. Whether it's the culture vultures or its staunch defenders, someone's got something to say. However, last night Stormzy ran through Grime's mission statement: having fun in an unapologetic manner. As he sold out KOKO in Camden, Stormzy took to his throne and reigned supreme for an hour-and-a-half.

In a venue that is well known for its indie and rock events, seeing a young black Grime artist sell out in a world far from his own was inspiring. When Stormzy spat over old school Grime riddims, we were taken from a live event venue to a shoobz (house party) with multiple reloads. As a 26-year-old, I was taken back to my younger days when moshing was a weekly activity. When you're in and around Grime, it's easy to forget just how powerful and important it is for Britain. Last night, I was able to relive my youth from afar, with my trainers still intact.

Krept, Konan, Giggs, JME, Section Boyz, Uncle Mez, Chip and Lethal B all took to the stage, reminding the crowd why Grime and UK rap are both in their prime. If Grime was Lionel Messi, UK rap is Cristiano Ronaldo, both of titanic stature. Stormzy was the man ensuring both titans put on the best display possible.

At one point, I even saw a guy run from the bar to the main stalls - that's the effect Stormzy has on a crowd. We came to see a gig and instead, fans were treated to a movie which we were all a part of. As a writer who attends numerous shows a week, you find yourself remaining composed and taking in your surroundings before you write up the event. However, first and foremost, music writers, PR and photographers are fans, and being able to let go and have fun should be a priority for us. Last night in Camden, all the think-pieces, columns and opinions went out of the window as those in attendance marvelled at the 21-year-old's ability to ignite a crowd. Stormzy reminded me, once again, why I do what I do and just how much I love it.