Melbourne based Strange Talk are an electro-pop quartet who formed in February 2010. They are another example of the excellent music Australia has been exporting lately. Their self titled EP is filled with lush chilled out sounds, richly layered anthems and is slickly produced.

The bands talented members are from very different musical backgrounds. Vocalist Stephen Docker’s classical training is combined with the talent of bassist Gerard Sidhu for the synth, and drum machines of electro house. Somehow the band manage to merge these different styles to produce a very accomplished work. The Strange Talk EP was mixed and produced by Eliot James and echoes of his work with Two Door Cinema Club ring through here.

Strange Talk write extremely catchy music, the kind of anthems that you can’t get out of your head and will inevitably be tearing up dance floors throughout the summer. The EP contains four slick tracks that are sure to be dance floor and radio hits. Opener ‘Climbing Walls’ is a gloriously layered track, the opening is synth dominated as the anthemic chorus builds, it is a great reflection of their differing musical backgrounds. ‘Eskimo Boy’ is their first single, its synth driven intro builds and lulls you into a dreamy trance like perfection. ‘Is it Real?’ showcases the strong lyrics and vocals of the band. Closer ‘We Can Pretend’ is a wonderfully textured affair, with its layered sounds and anthemic chorus.

Undoubtedly there will be comparisons to Friendly Fires, Phoenix and Passion Pit amongst others and sure this style has been done before, but Strange Talk are doing it really well. Their richly layered anthems are taking the electro-pop world by storm. Their debut offering shows no weaknesses and their full length debut will be eagerly anticipated.