Strangers’ music has been described as dark, gloomy, synth pop and able to conjure images of new romanticism. All of this is true. But, how have this London based three piece gotten this good in such a short space of time?

Prior to EP3, there was the release of (you guessed it), EP1 and EP2 featuring the addictive ‘It Was A Sin’. On EP3 they’ve managed yet again, to produce tracks of such quality that they should just release their full length already.

‘Promises’ documents the fallout of a relationship gone awry. David exclaiming, "I should have never let you fall in love, I should have never got inside your head." While, Lara Smiles playing the unfortunate other half tells her side of the story before they both sing in unison, "All your words are meaningless, so meaningless." All accompanied by a thunderous rhythm and a captivating synth hook that fits well to this tale of heartbreak and regret.

This feeling of melancholy continues on ‘Human’, "Is it because I’m human, should everybody feel this way," cries Jones. Though there are splattering’s of joy and happiness on this EP, even if the subject matter isn’t the type to make you crack open the champagne. The snare sound for instance mimicking that of Billy Idol; to the outro, best enjoyed whilst outside as you will find yourself floating over pedestrian crossings.

Closing with ‘Sweet Nothing’, which although having a fairly basic beat, it does possess reverb that is as pleasing as that first sip at the pub. With lyrics pertaining once more to despair, ‘I only feel love through pain’; Jones’ choice of lyrics manage to achieve that rare oddity of making the listener feel his heartbreak, think, ‘oh, get over it’ as well as wanting to give him a hug and a cup of tea.

I just hope they haven’t peaked too soon.