Urban Barrier, the urban art event to remember, was the offspring of a Mr Ben Oakley, artist, savvy business man and art star of his own.

And the PV for this event was nothing short of competent, expertly produced and the great success I had hoped it would be. The space at No Format Galleries was stunning – roomy – well painted (no one likes a bad finish for a space) and with all of the wall and floor space that a Visual Arts exhibition of this calibre could really get to grips with.

Out in the south of London, 20 mins from London Bridge, the evening kicked off nicely, with a friendly alt-bar atmosphere that felt fresh and new, a vibe that you could feel really matched and maximised the canvasses and sculptures' impact, playful, jazzy and more-ish. Once myself, the press, the magazine swathes and the odd collector had settled in, the beats of Soft Wax kicked in and as if by magic, we were surrounded by tens and and then hundreds of folk getting into the groove, lapping up the works for sale and admiring the plentiful but by no means over-busy installations.

Designed to expose those at the forefront of their practice, as well as those emerging creatives who don’t even know how big they are set to hit the big time, this evening ushered in not only Rooms Magazines outstandingly produced 10th issue, but gave artists such as Lisa Lan (see lovely Lisa below) and Ben Murphy (creator of the floor beneath Ben’s feet in the snap below – all from electrical tape) the chance to meet each other, and London’s press natives.

As the beats got louder the artwork, by the very nature of everyone getting into the groove, they got into the art, got into the tipples and got into buying. And buy they did, by jove.

The joyous tones of ‘Fantastic Show!’ ‘Great night’ and ‘absolutely stunning’ wound their way past my little ears, amongst ‘Raffle? Raffle! I want to do the Raffle! Gimme!’, and I can genuinely say that the event could have gone off with a greater smash. Total full house.

I will leave it to my readers to go see this now. There are some great great works, affordable, collectable and some serious contenders for contemporary urban art prizes.