In an over saturated folk indie market, it takes something special for a band to really stand on its own, and whilst the unpretentious rhythms and jingling melodies of the Whole Picture EP make for a relaxed, enjoyable listen, it seems to unfortunately melt into the pool of the distinctly average. With melancholic, Ryan Adams-esque vocals, Stylusboy is lifted however with the sweet harmonies of Rachel Grisedale and the multi-instrumental filtering of the glockenspiel in ‘Whole Picture’ and the cello in ‘Left to Hide’.

Lyrically, the EP seems to lack a poetical intelligence, straying to the potential of being a little cliched, but, pessimism aside, his words remain raw and honest. The atmosphere created within the listener is an invitation to uncover a pensive, wistful interior. Singing about experiences shared by many, songs like ‘Dave’s Song’ bring the EP much more into the realm of the approachable.

It is clear that Stylusboy has matured since the release of debut EP Fingertips, most specifically in the standard of the recordings which document a move from bedroom to fully fledged studio.