Formed in 2002 and having played with every band that's worth seeing in the years since, Fused is the fourth album from Ayrshire lads Sucioperro. Following their stunning debut Random Acts of Intimacy and two further albums full of riffs and incredible noise, the album is available via Bandcamp for just £6, and will be followed up by an extensive tour in the early winter.

There's no easing you into this album, 'A River of Blood' opens with Sucioperro doing what they do best, and that is a full-out rock assault on your senses. This song also includes the first of many swear words you'll hear on the album as frontman JP Reid sings: "I want to fuck it" and: "Of my mistakes, the worst was you. You fucked it up but I fucked you." An angry man, there is definitely a Refused or Hawk Eyes intensity to this record, especially when the band let out their screams. 'To Nothing' has a fuller sound with a more melodic slant, but still is full of aggression: "This is not the fucking promised land" and the repeated refrains of "I am not the fucking enemy" show this hostility. 'Wolves' also has this in spades: "You don't see me, am I fucking invisible?" asks JP in a style similar to McClusky. By this point, you're beginning to think it's about time one of the songs had the f word in its title and 'What a Fucking Chump' does not disappoint. Although there are screamed backing vocals once more and keyboards playing a prominent part, it recalls Reuben at their most brutal.

Although the album is heavily dosed in loud guitars, there are respites – 'Mein Kleine Taube', roughly translated as 'My Little Dove', is a slice of restaurant-style music that fills the halfway point of the album quite nicely, especially after the talk of voyeurs and sick fascinations in 'Rabbits on Boxes'. With a dark, macabre tone, sample lyrics include: "Your teeth are sharper than daggers, your tongue it cuts like a razor, your eyes reflect like a knife-edge, your lips like sucking on cold flesh." It's no wonder the band tagged this album under 'doom' on their Bandcamp page! Some of the songs have psychedelic and experimental leanings similar to JP's side project Marmaduke Duke, 'Where At Dat Wild At' even has a name that conjures up memories of them as the song's whirling sounds complement JP's lines about "A little tickle and a yo-ho-ho." It's basically a load of euphemisms for shagging.

With loud drums, danceable riffs and brooding atmospherics, the title track 'Fused' mixes the inventiveness of Aereogramme with the sincerity of Frightened Rabbit and has wonderful lyrics where Sucio make statements: "This right now is the future, I don't give a fuck about tomorrow" and "We don't make luck, we make choices." The album ends on a quieter note with 'You Should Get Some Sleep', a lullaby antidote to the balls-out rock that has come before as quiet strums and repeated refrains of: "Sleep, sleep, sleep" make it a song you could almost drift away to. Full of melodic and menacing songs, Sucioperro are a band who really don't care what anyone thinks and for that they should be applauded. Fused is an alternative rock record that is littered with bad language, noisy, dirty riffs and is highly addictive and comes highly recommended.