Label: Pollywood Records Release date: 10/11/08 Link: Picture the scene. I get home late Friday night, tired, hungry and relieved that the weekend is rolling just round the corner. At my feet, lays a large brown envelope addressed to The 405. I pick it up, lethargically. After opening the envelope, with a kitchen knife, trying carefully not to skewer the contents inside, I dive straight to the bottom, pulling out a plastic case. I blink. I rub my eyes a little. Am i hallucinating? Were my pupils dilating? My tongue felt a little numb,but maybe that was just what I'd eaten for lunch?! Staring back at me through the shiny plastic wrapper was a psychedelic collage of brightly colored pills, all shapes and sizes, with a Polaroid of a pill bottle slap bang in the center with instructions for consumption 3 times a day. Needless to say i consulted my Doctor, who immediately reassured me that there was no need to worry, i was simply experiencing a mild symptom of Coping Strategies, the new EP from Sunflies. The Hertfordshire collective kicks off their 3 song EP to a great start with opening track Sticks and Stones, showing off their home grown talent and lyrical abilities. In my opinion, the opening seconds of any album are crucial in keeping listeners captivated enough for them to want to hear more and I really think Sunflies have taken a note of that! Sticks and Stones is a great little upbeat and funky track that acts as the perfect single release. Track Number 2, High Times is the "slower" track on the EP; which i found as a nice change of pace; I'm a sucker for songs such as this and thought that it was beautifully executed. High Times is very reminiscent to that of We Are Scientists, both in terms of musical style as well as front man James Scott's echoing vocals. It is clear that Sunflies have a wide range of musical influences in their work, merging lots of genres together in the process, creating one sound that can only be defined as their own! My favorite song however has to be the closing track entitled Too Late For Hate. It may very well be the last track, but there is a clear sense here that Sunflies aren't leaving your stereo without going down with a arm lashing, leg thrashing, nose bludgeoned fight! With it's howling vocals,shredding guitars,relentless smashing of drum skins Too Late For Hate produces this very My Chemical Romance emulative rhythm; which seems to bully your ear drums into submission, delivering a musically charged finale to their latest EP, like a bullet to the brain! I really enjoyed listening to this EP, with there being times where i couldn't stop listening! I can't wait to hear more! 4/5