One of my biggest bugbears with a large number of live bands is that they often don't seem to be having any fun on stage. They're doing a job that thousands of people dream about doing and they can't muster up enough enthusiasm to jiggle about a bit. Super Best Friends Club are about as far removed from one of those bands as it's possible to be. Arriving on stage topless (apart from the female member of the group who was wearing a fantastic tasselled onesie) and smothered in paint the group meant business from the get go.

If you aren't acquainted SBFC's music is a cross between Animal Collective and Of Montreal. Not quite as abjectly weird as either but retaining the strong sense of individuality and wanton ability to have fun. The group couldn't really be described as a tight and professional live act. Certain instruments were too loud and on whole they sounded rather sloppy. However, this just didn't matter, it almost fit in with their whole 'vibe' that they should not quite be in full control of the noise they were emitting. In part the band seems more concerned with their on-stage shenanigans such as sacrificing their trumpet player to the gods or diving into the hippy free for all that was the audience to leap about like crazy people.

Super Best Friends Club are a low budget live experience. Think 'The Flaming Lips' but without the need for all the props. The group can create the sense of wonder with just their exuberance and complete lack of self consciousness. Unless you were the grumpiest man alive it would be impossible to watch the band without a smile of your face. What you think of their (actually pretty good) music is an irrelevance, you will be caught up in their live performance and you will enjoy it.