Label: Quiff Release date: 15/01/10 Swanton Bombs MySpace As a former professional wrestling fan and by fan I mean I was a complete obsessive I am aware that Swanton Bombs have taken their name from a high risk wrestling move made famous by Jeff Hardy ( The duo, Brendan Heaney and Dominic McGuinness deliver a frenetic blend of garage rock and rag tag commercial indie scuzz. What I like about this album is that it is raw, imperfect and scatty in places. The spirit, the old fashioned nature of rock n’ roll is authentically presented. Skulking in the middle ground of rock duos between No Age and the White Stripes, what we have is the spit and shine pub circuit act that spray beery sweat from the speakers. ‘Who’s Asking’ is particularly scruffy, tonking hooks merged with the rhythmic force of a proton powered Rampant Rabbit. Other highlights include ‘Wasteland’ a swinger that jerks in taut feedback and shimmering scratch and the accelerated fifties stomp of ‘If You Will’. One of the more noticeable features of the album is the insightful croon of McGuinness, a young man that walks in the same street worn shoes as the likes of Richard Hell and Julian Casablancas (though Casablancas could always afford a more sensible shoe, only he chose not to), creatures from the big city who spend most of the time sipping beer with bros before the long walk home, whistling alone under lampposts thinking about better days. Though the quality does tail off towards the end of the album, with the horrifically naïve ‘Sable’ and the bland blues of ‘Thanks’ there is enough on display here to suggest that Swanton Bombs are capable of releasing something truly meaningful in the near future, and certainly they are a duo to look out for when they hit the road on tour late January time. 7/10