If I'm brutally honest, I absolutely hated this single the first few times it thumped down my auditory canals. It seemed boring and repetitive, the lyrics lacked verve and Dominic McGuinness' vocals, in their Doherty-like slurring, grated on me. After giving the song many more chances, however, I have altered my opinion and heard the name Viktoria repeated enough times to sow within my soul a deep hatred for anyone so christened. My latter two gripes remain mostly unchanged but as to the song's repetitiveness I can now appreciate that the track is far better crafted than I first thought and that, being bashed out on only electric guitar and drums, it holds a sort of punkish simplicity which is the source of its pleasure. Yet, it is in the use of just these two instruments that Swanton Bombs set up Viktoria for her biggest fall. The loud, reverberating howling of this duet promises some sort of forceful punch to the skull and then – nothing. The song ends without so much as a mild concussion. Good, but not good enough for the amount of effort it took to like it. Rating: 6/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!