Sweet Baboo is probably about as Marmite as you can get. You know how the slogan goes. Hello Wave, Sweet Baboo's second offering, combines sketchy vocals, clever but kooky lyrics on top of an impressive country-esque backdrop in a way like no other. Not country of the yesteryear mind, but the 'country' of the likes of Johnny Flynn. Cowboy shirts, yes. Spurs, no. Behind the off-key and at times aesthetically displeasing, to put it nicely, vocals are some brilliant folksy country compositions with the typically authentic sounding production of acoustics, double bass and wooden drums. The near vocal less Weak As In Good and the superb instrumental It's Three, Let's Go are something special. Darlin' If You Think My Songs Are Fun Then You Are Wrong sums up the whole ethos of Hello Wave. The lyrics and vocals may give the impression of just being a bit of fun and not taken too seriously, but the instrumentation contrasts this notion by being so well created that they couldn't be anything less than proper songs, for want of a better phrase. There could be a better vocalist fronting it all, but then they would get lost among the rest of his contemporaries. The unkempt vocals give it that hook, that bit of difference, but the real charm is what's behind that hook. The hook itself even ends up somehow becomes a charming one too. Take away that charm and you'd disrupt the quo of Sweet Baboo, the brilliance levels up the ordinary into something that will win you over by the last song. If it doesn't, album ender Tim's Song will make it impossible for you not to be turned. It develops into one of those thick textured songs that end with everyone singing along in sheer joy, and you end up wishing you were there. Sweet Baboo and Hello Wave may have their flaws, but you'll struggle not to get wrapped up in it. 7/10