It seems that T E Morris is always writing. He's been incredibly prolific over the last few years, working on a solo career and being involved in Her Name Is Calla at the same time. He put a full-length solo album out last year (And You Were the Hunter, due a full release on Function Records this year), and closed 2012 by releasing both a new EP and a HNIC single. His work ethic is extremely impressive, and the latest in the slew of EPs he's been putting out shows that he has a great understanding of quality control, too.

The Hanging Man is a purely acoustic EP, but it has a full sound, running the gamut of moods, featuring quiet introspection one moment and a burst of passion the next. The title track kicks things off with a slow tempo and a captivating guitar melody, before Morris's tremulous vocals enter, lending the song an accomplished sense of intimacy as it begins its slow build toward a spine-tingling climax, with as much power being brought out of a purely acoustic setup as possible. Immediately afterwards, he changes tack with 'Capricorn', his playing style lending the sub-2 minute track a flair reminiscent of classical guitarists.

The two-part 'Melarosa / Tidal' does a great job of balancing out the two sides of this EP's approach, featuring a beautiful vocal melody that lends an air of serenity to proceedings. It's a delightful song that never does any more than it's supposed to, highlighting Morris's compositional skills in an excellent fashion; even when stripped back to the bare bones, his songs still resonate strongly, as is also the case on keyboard-led closer 'I Love You Satellite', which manages to convey its power with one of the sparsest arrangements Morris has ever used: vocals, harmonies, keyboard and little else. It's a striking finale to an EP that's packed with surprises. Fans will have not been left wanting as regards new material from him as of late, but with word filtering through that he'll present his third full-length this year, one wonders where exactly he's headed next - and that's quite an exciting thought.