Music can be born from an infinite amount of influences, whether they are emotions, narratives, life experiences, trauma, serious issues or whimsical ones, music has always been the art form that allows artists to take inspiration from a never ending list of variables. Drawing influence from a place, however, is a less explored route, but one that Victoria Bergsman's Taken By Trees relishes in. Other Worlds is her third studio album and like her last record East of Eden which reflected on her time in Pakistan was inspired by her love of foreign lands, this time its Hawaii, but don't worry there isn't a grass skirt or ukulele in sight.

The ex-Concretes singer set about to write a set of "impressionist poems" to the Tiki freckled paradise islands, recording sounds of waves caressing the shore before joining forces with former affiliate of Tough Alliance Henning Fürst who helped recreate some songs and produce the album. The finished result is a psychedelic, sun-soaked stream of ethereal calypso pop which places you right in the middle of paradise, no matter where you are in reality. In fact the greyest parts of Grimsby or Scunthorpe could be characteristically overcast during the forty-odd minutes of Other Worlds but in the mind's eye they would be drenched in sun thanks to this soundtrack to the perfect beach holiday.

The first highlight of the album comes in the form of 'Dreams' a song where Bergsman's airy vocals hovers above a mist of swirling synths and tropical guitars which themselves float aloft a bed of irregular drum patterns, riddled with clicks and whistles. The song has also been given a dub twist which is available on the b-side of the vinyl only release, offering an even dreamier calypso backbone to the first release off the album. Title track 'In Other Worlds' and 'Pacific Blue' are more highlights from the album, 'In Other Worlds' bieng lavishly adorned with sliding synths over the slowed down reggae-styled guitar that features in a smattering of the songs off Other Worlds and 'Pacific Blue' focusing on island textures with the inclusion of steel drums, xylophones and more healthy helpings of calypso guitar which are all rounded off by the ghostly echo of Bergsman's voice which keeps a uniform sound throughout the record.

Taken By Trees expertly uses atmospheric soundscapes, island textures and velvet vocals throughoutOther Worlds to create a psychedelic calypso pop sound that sits so prominently within the album, and personifies the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Just like previous album, East of Eden, Taken By Trees have once again managed to capture the essence of a country within an album to great effect, this time taking us to Hawaii and back within forty-five minutes.