Last November, ATP Recordings announced to the press that they’d dug out their inkwell and quill to sign the Brooklyn based Tall Firs and would be releasing their third album. I pretty much guessed that the album was going to be pretty good as I've enjoyed a lot of ATP’s previous releases from the likes of Sleepy Sun and The Drones. It’s also not bewildering that they chose to release this, especially as Tall Firs were initially championed back in 2001 by ATP favourite Thurston Moore who released their first album on his own label Ecstatic Peace.

This record is a sweet eleven track offering that is stripped right back to basics. Not for the first time in their career there’s not a drum in sight - instead the focus here is strictly concentrated on the vocals and guitars of Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan. My overriding feeling from the first few listens was that of melancholy emitting from the tone and melodic expressions of the guitars. The vocals can’t be separated from that feeling either as they pour out at you sounding like the bastard lovechild of J Mascis and Thurston Moore. So much so that at times it would be easy to forget that you weren’t actually listening to a solo record from either. That doesn’t get grating, it simply reflects some great influences.

Amongst the current mix of more hectic releases, this is a refreshing, relaxing listen. It might not be about to win any awards (not that awards mean anything, as we recently witnessed in technicolor via the BRITS) but it is certainly enjoyable nonetheless. The first track on the album ‘Suffer So Long’ is the stand out one for me with an echoing guitar line reminiscent of explosions in the sky eerily answering double tracked vocals and acoustic guitar. In fact the production of the whole album is very consistent with wide spacey guitars bouncing between speakers whilst the acoustic and vocals sit comfortably in the middle.

This record is a good release from the Tall Firs boys and comes recommended to those who enjoy the sentiments and sounds of Papa M, Sonic Youth and Barn Owl.