Label: Big Scary Monsters Release date: 25/10/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon So here we have it. The second E.P. from Falmouth, Cornwall based band Tall Ships. Fortunately this three man band aren’t one for singing songs about combine harvesters in thick Cornish accents with pints of ales in one hand and their sisters in the other. No, instead what we have are five perfectly composed tracks, which offer any fan or new listener the chance to unwind and experience this band’s musical capabilities. Unlike many bands out at the minute who are all insistent in releasing an early twenties crisis album, singing songs about heart break, first loves, reminiscing on their not too long ago child hood and articulating that particular sense of ennui, Tall Ships’ adult sound separates them from the pool of generic bands with their intricately layered guitar riffs complimented by the sleepy melancholic vocal tones, describing something as random and intellectual as the large scale motions of the Earth’s Lithosphere. Baffled? Undoubtedly. There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here will indisputably make a name for these boys and will leave any fan eagerly awaiting their next endeavours. Photobucket